" Pulling the team together "

Agile Birds works with you to improve your business through participative change management.

You define the changes to be made and how during very short workshops according to a predefined road map. Sharing a visualization of these changes with all stakeholders pulls the team together on their continuous improvement journey.

Agile Birds empowers your team to deliver quality services through a unique combination of modelling/visualization and automatic deliverable generation (document, storyboards, prototypes , etc.).

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Agile Birds proposes:

  • Methodology expertise and coaching services.
  • Agile Birds SaaS Collaboration Platform assisting your experts in versioning and consolidating their contributions into mission deliverables.
  • Predefined Agile Birds Mission Packages combining methodology and guidelines (usually from standard frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, SOX, ISO, COSO, etc.) with associated graphical modeling tools and predefined deliverable generation (Word documents, prototypes, etc).
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Aspects that differentiate Agile Birds from its competitors in the service market:

  • We offer a domain-specific mission packs to allow you to improve yourselves the quality of your service delivery while reducing its production and updating costs.
  • We use automatically generated storyboarding, rapid prototyping and Office documents to animate workshops and communicate around the business changes.
  • We work with all stakeholders and arouse their enthusiasm by sharing a visualization of the objectives and the progress towards these.
  • We empower the workshop participants to directly participate to the modelling effort by simply using Microsoft Word suite to feed back their inputs to the underlying model.