Operational Profile

When managing the change in your organization we distinguish between:
  • the ends you wish to achieve,
  • the ways in which you can operate
  • and the means you can draw on.

The Opereational or Business stakeholders focuses on the WAYS

You mainly have to:
  • operate the product delivery chain;
  • sell the product or service to the customers;
  • face the customer complains;
  • train your operators to the process activities and/or new technological means;
  • explain to the IT your new needs and define with them the requirement for new technological tools.
The operation driven change management is usually driven by changes in processes (ways driven).

Our value proposition:

  • Our Enterprise Process Mapping Mission Package gives you a step by step method to define the change yourselves with the minimal help of external coaches. This mission package also distribute the process mapping work and help you to create and maintain quality deliverables according to predefined templates."
  • Our Business Realization Management Mission Package gives you a powerful tool to understand the management objectives, show how your operation chain fulfill them and also how IT enabler could be usefully used.
  • Our Rapid Cloning of IT tools of our training Mission Package will allow you to provide your operators with sandboxes of new IT tools on which they can be trained in an optimal way in cheap to maintain environment.