Loic and the Flolopapys - 2019


Twenty two year old Loic has become a passionate climber after having received his first pair of climbing shoes at age six. Together with Florian, Pablo and Pierre, they form the inseparable "Flolopapys", bringing their energy and good vibes to the farthest reaches of the climbing world.

Although each is unique, they complement and support each other like a band of brothers. But can Loic use the Flolopapys energy to overcome his haunting fear of heights as he confronts some of the toughest climbs on the planet?

Step out of your comfort zone, face your fears and touch the deepest part of yourself. Loic and the Flolopapys invite you to embark on a very human adventure.

The Nahanni Whisperer - Le Passeur de la Nahanni - 2018


Four young climbers dream of climbing the Lotus Flower Tower, a legendary big wall, somewhere in the Cirque of the Unclimbables in the furthest outreaches of Northern Canada. For 800 m of climbing, they will have to face 550 km of dangerous Nahanni river over a whole month of total independence. Given that they have only limited experience in this type of adventure, they persuade Dom, a seasoned traveller 33 years their senior, to help them get this expedition off the ground.

Whereas Dom will be realising his teenage dream of riding the Nahanni rapids, he is also about to realise that the Lotus Flower will be his last "Big Wall" climb.

A poetic and fun multi-generational adventure, a point where the dream becomes reality.

Altaitude - 2017


Everything is bigger in the Altai, the mountainous frontier between Mongolia, China, and Russia. This is what Damien and Dom discover there, skiing the high summits for three weeks and enduring early spring storms.

Opening up to the vastness, they must overcome their differences and learn to survive together, totally isolated at their high-altitude base camp, a tiny yurt in an expansive terrain of snow. Damien, once liberated from the electronic appendages of his time, immediately enters into resonance with the Altai Mountains of the Tavan Bogd, the Five Saints. It is the one opening the door to the sacred dimension of these places and the interaction that its inhabitants nurture with them.